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Men's Awareness and Recovery System

MA&RS is a treatment program for men charged with interpersonal violence, domestic violence, assault on a loved one or civil protective orders that keep them away from their family.  Our Goal is to help Men change so they can live happier, productive, and more meaningful lives with their families..

Options Include:

  • Anger Management – 12 weeks
  • Men's Parenting Classes – 18 weeks
  • Interpersonal Violence Program – 24 weeks
  • Substance Abuse or Addiction Education and Treatment
  • Individual, Couples or Family Counseling
  • Psychiatric medication management

The family and criminal courts have a hard time finding services geared toward men.  Our group model is built specifically for men involved in the court system - pre or post trial.  We provide the services that are often ordered to be completed or are not ordered but may help the individual’s situation.

By offering all these services in one location, we can communicate effectively between treatment providers.  This allows us to meet our clients’ needs more effectively while providing appropriate updates to judges, lawyers, and probation officers.

Just call us at 410-740-8067.



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