Licensed Therapist

Daniel Moore, LCPC

Columbia, Rockville
Daniel Moore, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Daniel is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. He has worked with inpatient, outpatient and with the First Responder community. He has experience working with adults and adolescents in individual and in group treatment. He has treated people struggling with grief and loss; transitions (job loss, divorce, empty nest, crisis of midlife), addictions (substances and processes); anxiety, depression and trauma. Daniel is a certified EMDR therapist with the EMDR International Association.  Daniel enjoys working with under-served communities, which includes men and boys when it comes to therapy.

Daniel uses a range of therapeutic interventions, including EMDR Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Daniel is familiar with 12 Step Recovery and alternatives such as SMART Recovery.  These interventions are evidenced-based and grounded in a practice of increasing mindful awareness. 

Daniel earned a Master’s Degree at Loyola University Maryland in 2016 in the pastoral counseling and mental health counseling program. Daniel focuses on the interconnection between mind-body-spirit as experienced by the client. For him, spirituality is whatever brings a sense of meaning and purpose to a client’s life and whatever brings a felt-sense of connection (to another person, to an animal, to a profession, to a particular place in nature or to the universe itself). 

Daniel came to be a counselor as a midlife career change after a career working in nonprofits, government and in civil rights law. A spirit of service in pursuit of a better world animates his career journey. Daniel takes a person-centered approach to treatment, honoring the uniqueness of each individual as a social creature nested in larger systems of identities (gender, race, sexual orientation, family, nationality, immigration status, etc.). Treatment goals are identified through a collaborative approach that recognizes the client as the expert in his or her or their life and Daniel bringing the expertise of counseling tools, techniques and ways of understanding common client struggles. Reciprocal feedback about goals and progress toward meet them guides this journey of healing and recovery. 


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