Kathi McGaha

Kathi McGaha

My philosophy of life defines my approach to counseling; that all of us are more alike than different. We all want love, meaning, and purpose to our lives. Some­times we get lost on our way to these ideals and that’s where therapy comes in. Therapy can help us get back on our own individual paths to wholeness.

I use a variety of approaches as we all see, hear and process information differently so part of the “art” of therapy is deciphering what approach(s) works with each individual. Therapy only works well when there is a good rapport between client and therapist so my first concern is establishing a trusting, open relationship so all involved are working collaboratively towards the client’s goal(s).

Education/Work Experience:
Graduated in 1992 from the University of Maryland-Baltimore with an MSW. I worked in Baltimore City for various non-profit organizations. My work focused on adult HIV/AIDS clients, substance abusers, homeless adults and people re-entering society after incarceration. I now provide individual counseling/therapy to adults in Columbia, MD.


  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self Esteem Issues
  • Adjustment Disorders
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Grief/Loss Counseling
  • PTSD & Trauma
  • Addiction or Substance Abuse
  • Infertility Issues

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