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Michelle Long, Art Therapist, LGPAT

Michelle Long, Art Therapist, LGPAT

Michelle Long is a Licensed Graduate Professional Art Therapist in Maryland. She holds a Master’s degree in Art Therapy from Notre Dame of Maryland. She has experience working with children and adults with anxiety, ADHD/ADD, depression, self-esteem, trauma, and suicidal thoughts. She views herself as a genuine, casual, and flexible therapist who values building a therapeutic alliance as a strong base to work from. She practices nonjudgmental acceptance of her clients with unconditional positive regard to create a relaxed and open environment for self-expression.

>Art therapy involves the exploration of self through the use of art materials. Sometimes, feelings are just hard to put into words, so creating art helps people identify and share how they feel. Thoughts, feelings and experiences can be expressed through artistic means in ways that verbal communication cannot always reveal. Art can be used to practice emotional regulation, mindfulness, self-awareness, and tension relief. Artistic talent is not needed for art therapy.

Her theoretical views are based off of Cognitive Behavioral Theory in which our thoughts, emotions and behaviors have a cyclical effect on each other. In order to change our behavior, a person must first learn how their thoughts affect their emotions and vice versa.

  • Acceptance and Commitment (ACT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
  • Mindfulness-Based (MBCT)


Sees individuals and families.

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